Plastic Is Precious: It’s Buried Sunshine

IMG_8021Professor Tony Ryan, Project Sunshine Director, and Professor Helen Storey of London College of Fashion, have worked together across the worlds of science and fashion for the past 10 years.

Their latest venture, Objects of Truth, follows previous joint projects including Wonderland (2008/2012) and Catalytic Clothing (2008/2013). It continues a mutual wish to share the science behind everyday lives and the development of new, useful, memorable and sustainable solutions.

Plastic Is Precious: It’s Buried Sunshine formed part of the Objects of Truth project and was a collaboration between The University of Sheffield, London College of Fashion, Bill Amberg Studio and Meadowhall Shopping Centre. Together these partners set out to raise the status of the humble plastic carrier bag and to inform the public of the energy used in making plastic and eco bags.

Hear Professor Tony Ryan discussing the project on BBC Radio
(Recorded from Howard Pressman on BBC Radio Sheffield)

The following video explains more about the project.

IMG_8267“By sharing the science behind the materials we use in every day life we hope to encourage and support those who wish to live more sustainable lives.  There are no easy answers to living green, but by changing our behaviours in small ways we can make a big difference to our environment.”
– Professor Helen Storey

“The former, award-winning, fashion design veteran now turned Professor of Fashion and Science at the University of the Arts has been diligently exploring a way to rebrand the disgraced plastic carrier and with it a new way of looking at the future of Luggage Lite.”
– Caryn Franklin
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“In recent years society has been bombarded with negative messages surrounding the use of plastic bags. Scientifically speaking however plastic bags are more eco-friendly than many popular eco-bags available to the public, especially if the plastic bag is reused prior to its disposal.”
– Professor Tony Ryan

“l chose to add leather handles to the bag as it has an intrinsic sensual quality that we are all familiar with. I wanted to juxtapose this luxurious material with the humble plastic carrier bag to provoke some thought about what, how and why we use our bags.  Leather will provide the lasting and timeless quality we all too soon forget with a disposable bag.”
– Bill Amberg